Balkanians Estates™
“Truly dedicated to clients.”

       We know and love the real estate business. More importantly, we know and love serving people. We understand how valuable and important your home is to you and your family because we have homes and families, too. All of our knowledge, experience and training is devoted to helping people just like you buy and sell properties - family homes, commercial investments, farms, vacation homes, raw land, developed land, and businesses. We have proven ourselves over and over again, one sale at a time, through dedication and a lot of hard work.
We must be doing things right because our clients just keep coming back.
       Balkanians Estates™ is a Real Estate broker providing full range of services in residential and commercial real estate. Initially focused on the Balkans (Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, etc.), we recently expanded our core market to include the Dominican Republic.

We are experts in helping our clients find:
* The right property: whether it is in a seaside or ski resort, a SPA area, a golf club complex, a climate-therapy area, an eco-friendly area, a rural tourism area, or a major city
* Residential estates: plots /only for construction of residential estates – if Balkanians Investments™ is engaged as developer/, apartments and apartment complexes, houses, villas
* Commercial estates: plots /only for construction of commercial estates – if Balkanians Investments™ is engaged as developer/, offices, shops and shopping centers, hotels, factories, stores and logistics centers
       What we DO!
       Individual Approach
       We conduct Interviews to zero in on the exact needs of our clients and identify the best investment options for them.  After determining our clients’ specific requirements, we recommend the areas and properties that best suit their needs.  We conduct interviews in person, as well as via Skype or Viber, or any means of communication preferred by the client.

       A planned budget is only one of several considerations in the decision making process; we believe it is important to place emphasis on what is truly important to our clients, be it safety, social environment, or local education opportunities. We provide a range of options and leave it to our clients to make the final decision.

       “Best Friend” Locally

To ensure our clients’ comfort, we will assist them with their relocation and/or temporary visits to properties, including:

* Home organization /tv, internet, fixed phone, water, gas, electricity/
* Household help /maid, gardener, security etc/
* Kindergarten/school/university selection
* Bank selection/opening new account/credit line/deposits
* Medical facilities
* Pets
* Car

During the relocation period, our clients will have access to a 30 day 24/7 HOTLINE.  And since friends do not charge each other and because we are our clients’ “best friend” - service is FREE.

        We are Social!

"Social obligation is much bigger than supporting worthy causes. It includes anything that impacts people and the quality of their lives ."

William Ford Jr., Chairman, Ford Motor Co.

       Dedicated and socially responsible we stake on long-term perspective relationships with our international network of clients and partners. We created the Society feature on our website to develop and support strong and mutual relations.
       We participate in various Associations and are well connected with kindergartens, schools and universities.  We are also a part of a business network, which we utilize to assist our clients with their job search.

       What we do NOT do!

       0 % Commission from the Buyer

We do not charge our clients fees for real estate selection.  Our time and experience is important and we do not work for free – we collect out fees from the property seller.

       No confusing database

We do not offer a large confusing database with a mixture of good and bad offers; instead we strive to provide our clients with the best available information and assist them in making the most optimal decision.

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