Balkanians Investments™
“Your Interest is Our Priority.”

        Balkanians Investments™ is a real estate developer of investment projects in residential and commercial real estate and a business-consulting firm that offers profitable companies our product - “Business for sale”.


       Investment projects

       If you need to relocate some or all of your finances to different country we will develop an individual Real Estate project in accordance with your requirements or you can choose from our selected offers a half-way ready project.

       “Business for sale”

Some businesses think around the block. Some set their sights a bit further.

At some point, it's possible that you've considered an overseas business. Perhaps you've been pondering relocating temporarily outside , opening an overseas branch or subsidiary, or simply wondering about the mechanics of selling a product halfway around the world.

It's no shocker: Business in one nation can be worlds apart from its next-door neighbor.

That is why we recommend our product “Business for sale” – running profitable companies for sale in such areas like: restaurants, hotels, agricultural, farming, coffee shops, dental services, communications, Gyms and many more.

Depending on the sector of activity there is an option to use EU programs with partial gratuitous financing – up to 70%.


       In addition to our current core markets – the Balkan Peninsula /Bulgaria, Greece, etc./, the UK and the Dominican Republic, we are seeking out new partners to combine our efforts and experience with and to expand our reach to new regions.

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