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Selling your property with Balkanians™

All our clients have different reasons for why they are selling their properties. Here at Balkanians™ we make the selling process hassle free, so that our clients can rather focus on how they would like to invest their money instead.

Our Sales Team will make sure that all documents and paperwork required is in line with the rules and regulations, guiding you in the right direction towards successful sales process.

Through our extensive knowledge in the property market, our team will provide you with all the latest on market trends, and consult with you on the right selling price.

For most people, selling a home is the biggest and most important transaction they will ever make, and for high end investors it is the same. Using professionals for each part of the process provides you with expert knowledge and legal protection. Besides the above, selling your property on your own can be expensive and time consuming, hence why our team will do the needful for the selling process to be as smooth as possible saving you time and money.

Here at Balkanians™ we will apply our expertise, local knowledge and marketing power to add real value to your property sale.

Balkanians™ is offering clients that are looking to SELL their properties:

* Free valuations & market appraisal
* Excellent online marketing locally & international
* Existing database of local and international buyers and investors
* Various marketing and advertising options:
    * Hard & soft marketing practices
    * 'For Sale’ sign boards – Professional and Unique to the market
    * 3rd party online advertising
    * Marketing in different languages
* Benefits based on our partnership with professional and licensed conveyance company
* Benefits based on our partnership with a well-respected Independent Financial Advisory
* A strong network of other Real Estate Professional Companies & Agents
* Excellent relationships with a number of Developers

Leasing your property with Balkanians™

Here at Balkanians™ we daily keep an eye on the media reports and statistics, and provide our clients on the positive news on the market trends. All the Landlords that have already secured their piece of this vibrant property market, are pleased to learn more about the market trends but also on how they can maximize their profits.

Balkanians™ Leasing Consultants are daily in contact with both the Landlords and the Tenants in order to provide both with most up to date legal agreement that both parties need to sign in order for the agreement to be valid. The duration of contracts is usually for 1 year, however, the duration of the contracts depend on the agreement between the two parties.

Committing to leasing and renting is considered as high commitment by both parties, hence why we always advise the Landlords to allow professional real estate agencies such as Balkanians™ to manage this process for them, giving them a piece of mind, while saving them the time and money!

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