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€ 40 000 000 Seaside Golf & Spa Investment Project on the Black Sea

For: Sale Category: Projects Size: 1354384 m2 Country: Bulgaria Type: complex
golf club
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Conceptual Seaside Golf & Spa Project
On the Black Sea by Balkanians Investments™

       The conceptual project is part of a broader concept of its investor aimed to make use of region’s natural resources - a lake near "Tvardica", south of Burgas, located 1 km in a straight line from Black Sea coast, close to the northern borders of the green deciduous forest belt of Strandja, in order to achieve economic results.

     For the Project the investor receives Certificate of First Class Investment by the Bulgarian Investment Agency.

     Project’s idea is to provide a full range of tourist services including sports, entertainment and other events related to leisure time and rest.
     The concept involves the construction of holiday villas, conceptually grouped around a golf course of 18 to 27 holes with all necessary associated infrastructures - technical and social. The village and the golf course are designed as a closed community with shared infrastructure, maintenance and security.

Conceptual project envisages the construction of sports premises with golf course as follows:

  • Golf course with 18 to 27 holes
  • Training golf course
  • Patching and pitching area
  • Club House
  • Hotel and spa
  • Sports center, sports grounds and facilities
  • Entertainment center (Casino optional) and restaurants
  • Shopping center and offices
  • Family semidetached and individual villas
  • Residential buildings
  • Seaside Hotel

     Construction of residential gated community complex with golf course aims to use both country’s and region’s  natural resources  and the tendency for Bulgaria to establish itself as a golf destination, where golf tourism quickly develops. Currently, there are seven golf courses built in the country, 3 of which are located 160 km from the terrain, which makes the location of the project especially attractive for golfers.

Benefits of the investment:
1) Strategic position
1) The Golf complex is situated 3 km from Bourgas’ city centre, which allows all visitors to the complex use tourist and social resources of the city of Burgas - shops, restaurants, etc.
2) The Golf resort is located 15 minutes from Bourgas Airport, which allows a very flexible operation of visitors traffic rating with a low operations maintenance cost.
3) The Golf complex is located 1 km from seaside, allowing to be taken advantage as visitors and tourists of those arriving by sea in boats or in cruise ships.
4) The Golf resort is located 30 minutes from Sunny Beach and Saint Vlas, which allows that resources of this traffic be used in order to optimize efficiency and achieve high level of profitability of the golf complex
5) The Golf resort is located in a relatively central position on the South Coast, which enables the investment use the resources of the whole tourist traffic.

     The golf club will cover an area of 1,354 acres, of which 700 acres will be occupied by park area, including golf course of 18 to 27 holes.
     The final phase of the project envisages construction of total built up area of 400 000 square meters, including: single-family houses, single-family detached houses, apartments, hotel, SPA center, golf club, tennis club with 6 courts, water sports school, shopping and leisure center, coastal leisure complex, administration, security, maintenance, kindergarten, school, clinic, nursing home, public buildings and other buildings of public importance.
     The buildings will be surrounded by vast green areas, including zones with high and low vegetation, pedestrian paths, and water areas.
     The overall approximate amount of project’s investment is EUR 164.170.000, including: buildings, roads and technical infrastructure, construction of a golf course of 18 to 27 holes, landscaping, public facilities. Project’s realization deadline envisages termination of construction of all phases within 7 years.
      For more information, see Table 1 (upon request).
     Within the seven year period expected revenues amount to EUR 373,176,000 with accumulated profit after tax at the end of this period amounting to 310,574,340 euros.
      For more information, see Table 2 (upon request).

      Sale price of conceptual project is 40,000,000.00 Euros without VAT. The price includes the purchase of plots with total area of 1,354,384 m2, the use of conceded municipal land with total area of 811,132 m2, presented idea of golf course construction, payment of state fees for changing the status of land, studies done, logistical support with local municipal authorities to promptly obtain the building permit, and all information and developments made to the present moment.

Additional actions could be taken only after being specified during negotiations between the parties.