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€ 660 726 - € 1 320 818 Individual houses in complex Replica old town Sozopol, BG - South Seaside

For: Sale Category: Residential Size: 251 m2 - 667 m2 Country: Bulgaria Type: villa

A complex Replica of Ancient town Sozopol (South Seaside of Bulgaria)

“You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’”


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 The complex

 Bulgarian Architecture Award 2010

 awarded to arch. Christo Lazarov, arch. Tanya Simeonova and “Itconsult” architectural Bureau.


The complex was designed as a replica of the ancient town Sozopol: with its unique architecture and style, romantic cobblestone streets, red roofs and bay 2-storey houses. Houses in the complex are detached and semi-detached. We built them for generations, with top-quality construction materials, to guarantee excellence, comfort and generous space. Most of the houses are with panoramic sea views.
Individual houses are 21, with living area from 350 to 650 sq m and a private garden. Individual houses are offered without finishings, future owners can choose interior design individually.
The semi-detached houses are 56, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, and living area from 140 to 190 sq. m, or you can choose among apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms with living area from 80 to 115 sq. m.
Semi-detached houses are available with finishing materials of highest quality, various in color and design.


  • BEACH: A private beach is there at your disposal, to give you all the privacy you need to relax and make a great sun-tan.
  • Enjoy SPA everyday to make the best of your days.

Rich variety of massage and therapies are there to choose from, to  revive your energy and pamper your body. In the comfortable SPA premises located in close proximity to the Cape’s most picturesque places you can let yourself experience the SPA treatments while looking at the sea and listening to the its whisper.
It is impossible to miss: we highly recommend you to choose a massage that will easily remove remove tension from your shoulders, while you are breathing-in the fresh air and losing yourself in the beautiful marine view.

  • RESTAURANTS: Delicious meals and selected wines will make you love the Mediterranean gourmet restaurant. Stunning view there will make your lunches or dinners a special ritual.
  • SHOPS: A supermarket is open to your convenience.
  • KIDS: For the kids there’s a pool with a slide, an indoor and an outdoor playground with numerous climbing facilities.
  • YACHTS: For the yacht lovers and owners there’s a marina 2 km from The Complex, with 200 berths for boats and yachts.
  • Archaeological excavations

Locals say that under every stone in Sozopol lies a hidden piece of history. Wherever you look for - there is something unique you can find – stones, artifacts, ancient buildings.

We put a lot of effort and investment to uncover the secrets of Kolokita cape to preserve them for future generations. Before we started building the town, we worked hard in cooperation with the National Institute for Monuments of Culture, to uncover excavations and archaeological structures. Archaeologist found monuments of great cultural value - mounds № 9 and 10 – which are part of the archaeological monument "Kolokita necropolis."
The mounds are currently fully preserved and exhibited for owners and guests to visit and explore.

At the site there fragments of amphorae, pottery and tile construction artifacts were discovered, one of the artifacts has a seal belonging to the output of the factory MOEHD, dated in the period around 330 AD-323 AD.
Research and analysis of materials found within the excavation mounds and facilities date back to the IV century before Christ.

History tells us that thousands of years ago, local people believed Kolokita cape was a sacred place, and only noble rulers of the city had the privilege to step into their eternal path there.

The energy of the place is overwhelming, the silence of the rocks is distorted only by the whisper of the waves, and the sun shining upon enlights and melts the boundaries of time.


The compositional solution is in conformity with the specific characteristics of the plot. The built-up area is located concentrically along the natural amphitheatre of the plot. The access to the houses is from the upper side, and the yard is located on the lower part – viewing the town of Sozopol and the sea.
The landscape is in harmony with the specific architectural style, there are spacious green areas, blooming plants and elegant details.
Venetian Masters discovered the qualities of larch wood and used it for constructing the supporting pillars of Venetian houses. Resinous and resistant to moisture, larch more than three centuries holds unique Venetian houses above water. Sozopolis houses are externally paneled with larch, the material is aging naturally and over time becomes soft-brown in color. The special stone gathered in woods used for external paneling contributes to the authentic architectural style.

Facade and insulation systems from Alsecco

Roofs from Bramak


Spacious entrees lead to the living rooms, which open widely to the terrace, directly viewing the sea.  Elevated by one step versus the level of the living room, there is a dining room. In convenient closeness is a kitchen areas. Bedrooms are located on the second floor. Each bedroom is packed with a bathroom and a closet.
The interior solutions are a natural complement of the top quality exterior materials. For terraces and the floors in the living-rooms, for the foyers and bathrooms, we chose Italian floor tiles from Marazzi & Rubiera. Floors in the bedrooms are pine flooring, stairs railings are secured with solid wood. Bathrooms in Sozopolis are spacious and comfortable, to grant owners unique experience and full relaxation.

Floorings and baths:
tiles and granite - Marazzi and Rubiera, Roca
Air conditions from Toshiba.


The complex was designed and constructed by a team of distinguished professionals, to meet up-to-date standards for quality and comfort.

Infrastructure is modern and functional, to guarantee owners comfort.

Streets are spacious and green. Each property goes with a parking lot which is included in the price. Individual properties go with 2 parking lots.

A convenient parking for guests of the complex is located at the entrance of The complex.

A professional maintenance team provides care and fluent functioning of all systems & facilities.

Services at your convenience
At purchase:

  •     interior design, furniture supply and fitting - optional
  •     subletting of apartments on behalf of the client - optional
  •     advice and mediation on rental contracts
  •     after-rent property care


  •     24 h security
  •     gardening and maintenance of common areas
  •     cleaning & maintenance of common & individual pools
  •     indoor & outdoor maintenance
  •     cleaning of individual apartments - optional
  •     payment of commodity expenditures on behalf of the client
  •     rent-a-car
  •     insurance
  •     catering from the restaurants in the complex
  •     organization of home parties & celebrations
  •     transportation to: Sozopol beaches, Sozopol town, Sozopol yacht marine, Bourgas & Primorsko airports, Southern Fortress wall, etc.

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